Libyan Iron and steel company

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Soon will be opening a new plant for rolling bars

Based on the company's efforts lasting for the better and the finest In the framework of the development of the infrastructure of plants and units of the company to increase production capacity and to achieve the targets of international standards to characterize our brands in the iron and steel industry, several companies has been contracted with in order to establish a plant for bars with full auxiliary facilities with the latest technologies used in the process of long rolling one of  bilateral and unilateral rolling slit rolling mill , with a capacity of up to 800 thousand tons per year of rebar diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm .

Where the percentage of completion of the project is about 90.1 ℅ completion of the project is underway and they are expected to start commissioning of the plant equipment during the month of April next year. A team of operators and maintenance  has  been trainedin Italy and the United Arab Emirates in preparation for the operation of the plant and the estimated number of employees staffing at the plant  almost 350 workers

Objectives of the project : -

Raise the productive capacity of the company of about 1.6 million tons per year to about 2.4 million tons per year of finished products overall plant design capacity ( 800,000 tons) per year of the bars with diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm and the plant is designed to Rolling low and medium and high steel carbon grade from ( C1010) to (C1074) as by (AISI).

The main components of the plant : -

1 . billets Storage yard races :


This is where the reception and storage of billets dimensional (0.15x0.15x12m) or (0.13x0.13x12m) and storage capacity of the  billets is sufficient for the needs of the plant for (10) days of continuous work .

2 . Reheating furnace :

Is a new type of model (Walking Beam) made of special steel padded with layers of different refractories and ability up to 150 t / h and operates with natural gas.

3 . Rolling line :

Consists of three stages  the first and middle is of 16 stands  horizontal and vertical , and the third stage is divided into two  groupsof 6stands of unilateral Rolling

With a shearing machines between different stages of rolling .

4 . finishing area:

consists of a table to  transfer the production to the cooling bed and to reduce speed and a cutter to cut  bars to different lengths and then transfer and sort and count  bed ,  packaging and weight machines  and finally bundle transfer bed .

5 . Water treatment station :

This station  processes  direct and indirect (DC & IC) plant cooling water, which will reach its capacity of (3900 m3 / h) and the loss is compensated from  the sewage treatment station .

6 . Mechanical maintenance workshop :

Containing devices and machines , especially the maintenance of rolls and mechanical maintenance .

7 . finished  production Storage yard:

This yard is enough to store the amount of production of more than 10 days.

8 . Administration building and  quality laboratory:

It includes a range of plant  management offices and building containing equipment for the production tests in accordance with the required specifications .

Marking Of Rebar Product