Libyan Iron and steel company

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Cooperation with educational institutions

In the framework of cooperation and integration between the Libyan Iron and steel companyand universities and institutes of higher education in Libya , and in order to activate the role of academic institutions in transforming theories and scientific facts to the field of practical application , the company introduced a range of research topics as school projects for higher studies , and the company show its full readiness to receive the researchers and students and provide them with information and data available on these topics , the following are brief list of these research topics .

problems and bottlenecks List that could be research topics of study :

1 . The efficiency of communication between the administrative divisions of the company.

2 . Determine the best method for maintenance.

3 . The feasibility of utilizing iron ores in the Wadialshati.

4 . Study the feasibility of recycling industrial waste .

5 Libyan Iron and Steel company. Gaseous emissions and waste and ways to control and reduce them.

6 . Improve the efficiency of energy use in the steel shops .

7 . patronizing  the use of spare parts for the purpose of reducing the cost.

8 . Libyan Iron and Steel company information technology .

9 . Cost-effectiveness of the company's plants .

10 . Request mechanism and provision of spare parts and materials.

11 . Study the possibility of shipping the constant scrap for electric arc steel furnaces .

12 . The possibility of charging n hot sponge iron for electric arc furnaces .

13 . Develop the marketing strategy of the company.

14 . Study of activating the role of the public sector and participatory and community for the manufacture of spare parts and maintenance locally .

15 . The phenomenon of erosion of concrete and steel structures .

16 . Study to develop a way to produce the bars in order to reduce the cost of production and provide the added elements alloys particularly Ferro-manganese .

17 . The study of the production of low-carbon steel bars semi-killed for the purpose of drawing and galvanizing.

18 . Activating the role of reverse engineering as one of the methods of manufacturing company spare parts and develop a mechanism to provide the necessary technical information and make use of them in manufacturing processes .

19 . The high rate of miss-roll and lower quality when slit rolling of 12 mm size bars .

20 . Signs adhesion defect in cold rolled coils .

21 . Study linking signals control and monitoring of all the company's plants and assembled into a unified database , and use of the internet  for the transfer of this data to all regulatory and supervisory posts.


Marking Of Rebar Product