Libyan Iron and steel company

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The opening of local marketing a building

Development and innovation are the two attributes by  which any successful company or organization is characterized with, and on this basis the Libyan Iron steel company seeks hard to keep abreast of developments as needed so both in human resources or plants or buildings , and therefore, the management administration building of local marketing  has been constructed  befitting the company before customers in the local market and the building consists of two floors and a lounge to receive customers with high ceiling for good ventilation when congested.

 The ground floor consists of: -

( 14 administration office, 12 gates to complete the transactions , lounge cafeteria for customers , 11 toilets,3 of them are for customers , room for taking wodow and prayer area , coffee shop , kitchen , 2 emergency exits ) .

The first floor consists of:

- (9 administrative offices , archives , meeting room , 2 waiting lounge 2 , 6 bathrooms , room  for taking wodow and prayer area, café  and kitchen) .

work is in progress to install  screens to display the company's products and their prices and show  production processes of someplants

Marking Of Rebar Product