Libyan Iron and steel company

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Algerian Ambassador visits Libyan Iron and Steel company

Mr. Abdul Hamid Abuzahr Ambassador of Algeria , and his delegation accompanying him , was received by Mr. Chairman , Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Malik al-Faqih and the members of the board of directors and sector directors .

Attended the meeting at VIP guests hall members of the local council in Misrata and some members  of the Businessmen Council in the city.

Mr Chairman gave company activity profile of production and marketing where he confirmed that the company is moving steadily towards the increase in the production of all kinds of steel , especially from rebar to cover the domestic market , as the country is witnessing a renaissance in construction , the President of the Board of Directors assured that the will of the workers and the strong determination they have, which is enabled us  to move forward towards achieving the best results of progress in the industry to build Libya 17 February

In his speech , the Algerian ambassador has stressed that the depth of the relationship between the two peoples of Libya and Algeria , and they agree both on the security and safety of the State of Libya , and that the Algerian state people and government are supporting the Libyan people, especially after the liberation where the Libyan people  became  free and dignified, where principles of honesty and gratefulness has been rooted , the Algerian people will be standing with the Libyan people in keeping security and stability and to build institutions that will secure him all prosperity .



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