the company since it was established wasconcerned about monitoring production processes and ensure the quality of products through the stages of operation , various area laboratories has been setup in steel plant and flat rolling mill and long rolling mill and analysis of industrial water laboratory, drinking water and central laboratory where various tests that cannot be carried in the area laboratory The company has a technical staff, and modern equipment capable of conducting all tests to assess the quality of products according to the international standards. Also the company has obtained the first certificate of quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) the year 2002, and is still going on in the implementation of internal audit to monitor its performance, and continuous improvement approach is an effort to reach the top rank of the total quality, the company also gives its customers quality certificate of its products and guarantee them adequate compensation for the amount of any non-conformity with the specifications that have been agreed upon.
ISO certificate applied in the field of quality, environment and general safety.
1 –ISOCertificate (ISO9001) for quality system.
2 – ISO Certificate (ISO14001) for environmentManagementSystem.
3 – ISO Certificate (ISO18001) for safety system.