the company Power plant consists of (6) units for steamturbine generators with total design capacity of ( 507 MW ) the first unit was operated in 1988, then all units started operation in the year 1990 .
The plant is designed to provide a portion of the needs of plants and compound facilities of iron and steel from electric power and contribute to support the public network with amount of 60% of its production capacity
The facilities of power station and desalination: are : water treatment unit and sea water intake and plant for the production of chlorine and fuel receiving and distribution station and (6) fuel tanks of heavy oil capacity ( 10,000 m 3) gas generating unit with capacity of ( 18.5 MW ) for use in emergencies


desalination plant consists of the number (3) evaporators each with a capacity of (10,500 m 3 per day) and the eight (8) boilers each with a capacity of (31 tons / hour) for the production of steam and water treatment, plant and an integrated laboratory for analysis and specifications control
The reception of desalinated water in major reservoirs each with a capacity of (20,000 m 3) two of them (2) for drinking water and the other two (2) for industrial water.
Desalination plant designed to supply plants and industrial facilities of the company with industrial water and drinking water as well as to partially contribute to Misratacity of drinking water supply


This station supplying water for industrial plants of all kinds, a cooling water, and indirect cooling water, direct reduction plants, direct cooling water for the rest of the company’s facilities
Receive feedback water treated and cooled, recycled and compensated
plants are supplied with emergency water and fire brigade
supply and distribution of drinking water to the company’s facilities and residential camps and the city of Misratah drinking water supply.


This station processes received sewage water from within the company and the residential camps new treatment station has been built with capacity of 3,000 cubic meters per day to be re-used in the plant cooling system
the station has (6) rainwater drainage units distributed all over the area of the company


Consists of (3) Units
• First to produce 1000 m ³ / hour oxygen –1,000 m ³ / hour of nitrogen – 20 M ³ / hour argon.

• and the second to produce 1000 m ³ / hour oxygen –1,000 m ³ / hour of nitrogen.

• The third is under construction 6,000 m ³ / hour oxygen – 6000 m ³ / hour of nitrogen – 120 m ³ / argon.

• There is also oxygen, nitrogen and argon cylinderfilling systems


• The station receives electrical power voltage (220 kV) of electricity generating station through (3) feeders about 200 mega volt amperes per feeder. then distributed to all plants and facilities through (4) central distribution stations.

• the rest of the facilities and camps are supplied with electric power through overhead lines and sub-stations spread over several areas inside and outside the company.

• the main station is supplied with furnacecompensation substations , which work to ensure stability of the network.