Our environment

Taking into consideration when designingplants and facilitiesof this huge company in line with international standards in the field of pollution control and protection of the environment and through the systems and equipment for the control of pollutants and emissions either (gaseous, solid, liquid) and to preserve the public environment and to monitor and control these pollutants the company provided many modern systems and a high standard of quality and developed a mechanism on how to deal with these issues and the importance of these environmental systems in the following:
– control and Monitoring of emissions in accordance with the international standards.
– Protecting the working environment from pollution
– protection of the neighbouring environment from pollution
– protection of the humansfrom the dangers of emissions.
– Maintaining the energy consumption and improve the quality of the product.
the following some of attached systems to plants and facility of the company:
1 – waste gasessystems.
2 – dust systems
3 – deposition systems
4 –alarm devices and systems,
5 – rainwater pumping stations
company SafetyPolicy l:
rehabilitation of all newly appointed employees, as well upgrading of the rest of the workers in the field of general safety, in the training centre through courses (Principles of general Safety), wherethe trainee receives specialized courses in the field of (safety, fire fighting first aid) and that is implemented by supervisors and safety engineers and fire-fighters who have been accredited as trainers, Moreover several specialized courses in safety are performed for supervisors and head of sections.